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Surprise Ios 7.1 Jailbreak For Most Iphones And Ipads Uses Year-old Flaw | Ars Technica

by Dan Goodin - Jun 25, 2014 4:24 pm UTC PanGu Developers in China have published what appears to be a reliable and malware-free jailbreak for most iPhones and iPads running the latest version of Apple's iOS. The release underscores how hard it is to keep such jailbreak exploits out of the public domain, since the code vulnerability that makes it possible appears to come from a highly secretive training class on iOS exploit development. Jailbreaks allow iOS users to bypass http://ios7jailbreak.fr Apple's iron-clad technical restrictions and install unauthorized third-party software that is not included in the App Store. The technique appeals to many users, but it also comes with significant risks. One is that the process could temporarily or possibly damagethe device. Another is that jailbreak developers may bundle keyloggers or other types of malware inside the software that performs the operation, leaving users with a device that steals passwords, tracks geographic whereabouts, or performs other nefarious deeds. Neither of those risks appears to accompany the release this week of the PanGu jailbreak , but Ars hasn't verified its safety, security, or reliability. Readers who choose to run the program do so at their own risk. The jailbreak, according to security researchers at Lacoon Mobile Security , uses a digital certificate Apple provides to enterprise customers to bypass restrictions on unauthorized apps.
Article Original: http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/06/surprise-ios-7-1-jailbreak-for-most-iphones-and-ipads-uses-year-old-flaw/

Surprise Jailbreak Release For iOS 7.1.1 And All Devices - Forbes

Jailbreaking works with all versions of the iPhone and iPad and allows you to customise the operating system and install apps that haven However, world-renowned software developer and hacker iH8sn0w, who has been an active and trusted contributor to the jailbreak scene has since tweeted : Aside from the piracy store and enterprise certificate The http://pangu.io jailbreak does not have spyware or malicious trails. Several other sources are also claiming the jailbreak is okay to use although as usual, some of the tweaks in Cydia the jailbreaking equivalent of iTunes that provides software to customize and modify the iOS operating system , are incompatible at the moment and will require updating. Reddit user kaloyster has compiled a list of tweaks that are compatible here . Jailbreaking is the term given to modifying the software on your iOS device so you can install third party software not certified by Apple. This can include enhanced user interface controls and commands as well as improved or enhanced animations, tools and all-manner of tweaks and programs. Its actually safe to do and if you run in to problems, all you need to do is restore your phone using iTunes. Its an interesting move from a new team that could add some competition to the jailbreaking scene, which has been slow with releases as ways into iOSs back doors in order to install the jailbreaks become harder to find. The evad3rs team have also had a near-monopoly too in the last few years and the long wait many jailbreakers assumed would take place before a possible iOS 8 version appears to have been made a bit shorter. The evad3rs jailbreak software appears to have been much better-designed and easier to use than the new jailbreak. It could also mean that a jailbreak for Apples forthcoming IOS 8 and even the highly anticipated iPhone 6 may not take months to arrive as we saw with the iPhone 5.
Article Original: http://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2014/06/24/surprise-jailbreak-release-for-ios-7-1-1-and-all-devices/

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