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How To Jailbreak The Iphone, Ipad Or Ipod On Ios 7.1.1 - Forbes

1 The latter, for some reason, causes issues with jailbreaks so be sure to restore your device again, even you only did it recently. It wont take long, but its always best to start afresh with jailbreaking. Also be sure to backup your device too if you havent already done so you can restore all your apps after the process is complete. Step 2 Download and run the Pangu jailbreak tool You can download the Pangu tool from this link and as of 29th June there are PC and MAC versions now in English too. Make sure your device is connected to your PC and open iTunes. Do nothing in there other than allow it to find your device as normal, then close iTunes completely. Run the tool by clicking on the icon. Step 3 Untick the option box To make sure only Cydia the jailbreaking tool database, is installed, uncheck the option box as highlighted above.
Article Original: http://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2014/06/27/how-to-jailbreak-the-iphone-ipad-or-ipod-on-ios-7-1-1/

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Tweaks: New Cydia Apps Compatible With Pangu Include Notific8, InstaEnhancer, LSWeather and More - International Digital Times

Check out this week Reddit user kaloyster has compiled a list of tweaks that are compatible here . Jailbreaking is the term given to modifying the software on your iOS device so you can install third party software not certified by Apple. This can include enhanced user interface controls and commands as well as improved or enhanced animations, tools and all-manner of tweaks and programs. Its actually safe to do and if you run in to problems, all you need to do is restore your phone using iTunes. Its an interesting move from a new team that could add some competition to the jailbreaking scene, which has been slow with releases as ways into iOSs back doors in order to install the jailbreaks become harder to find. The evad3rs team have also had a near-monopoly too in the last few years and the long wait many jailbreakers assumed would take place before a possible iOS 8 version appears to have been made a bit shorter. The evad3rs jailbreak software appears to have been much better-designed and easier to use than the new jailbreak. It could also mean that a jailbreak for Apples forthcoming IOS 8 and even the highly anticipated iPhone 6 may not take months to arrive as we saw with the iPhone 5. Ill be taking a closer look at the jailbreak over the next few days and once its confirmed its safe to use, Ill run through the process step by step.
Article Original: http://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2014/06/24/surprise-jailbreak-release-for-ios-7-1-1-and-all-devices/

Surprise Jailbreak Release For iOS 7.1.1 And All Devices - Forbes

Jailbreaking works with all versions of the iPhone and iPad and allows you to customise the operating system and install apps that haven With the release of the iOS 7.1 - 7.1.2 jailbreak by the Pangu jailbreak team, the jailbreak community has seen a renewed life and with it, the release or more tweaks compatible with the latest jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod. As has been my custom in the past, I've pulled together a list of all the new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks released in the last week and listed them below, along with a photo and some information about what the tweak does, the price and where to find it. While there aren't a ton of tweaks on this week's list, make sure to puruse them all as one may be just what you were looking for on you newly jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod. Follow Us Enjoy and Happy Jailbreaking! iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks 2014: Check Out This Week's Newest Cydia Apps Compatible With The Pangu and Evasi0n Jailbreaks Shou by ShouTV Shou is a new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak compatible with the Pangu jailbreak, which allows users to record and live stream their homescreens. Perfect for the iOS http://www.ios7jailbreak.fr gamer! (Photo: Cydia) This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak allows users to record and share their iOS , live streaming it to https://shou.tv . The service was mainly set up for iOS gamers, but may be something quite useful to other iOS jailbreakers as well.
Article Original: http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/23675/20140701/ios-7-1-jailbreak-tweaks-new-cydia.htm

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